Wooden houses

The advantages of individual wooden houses are obvious. First of all, they have low maintenance costs because wood is one of the best natural thermo-insulating materials. It is easy to heat a wooden house and keep it warm longer. On the opposite, it remains cool during a hot summer day. Secondly they are ecologically friendly which makes them much healthier for living than in other types of houses. Wood is also a very durable material, which at the same time is easy to work with. You can easily make changes in the design or re-decorate your house.

The wooden houses are light weighted. For example, one cubic meter of wood is in average three times lighter than one cubic meter of bricks. This makes wooden houses less sensitive to the softness of the ground. You can built a wooden house on a soft soil.

Modern technologies make transportation and assembling of wooden houses much easier nowadays. Full set of a standard wooden house is a light package of planks, which can be quickly and easilyassembled. It can be delivered to any construction site at any time.



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